Counselling and Supervision


ODT Consulting - Counselling and Supervision


With our counselling services, we want to prevent your stress levels from leading to burnout. We work with you to develop strategies for recognising burnout risk signals in the future and avoiding high stress levels that could endanger your health.

Our counselling sessions are offered to individuals or groups (max. 10 participants per group).

The counsellor accompanies the participant and encourages them to set and scrutinise personal and professional goals and to develop their own solutions.

Our counselling offers professional support for:

    • Decision-making and change process

    • Crisis management

    • Clarification of conflicts

    • Processing feelings

    • Patterns of thinking and perception

Counselling has a preventive, problem-solving and development-promoting effect.

Our counselling is aimed at individuals or teams and is tailored to the respective needs.

We offer our counselling online and in person. A first counselling block comprises 10 hours (1h /coaching).


Our supervision supports and optimises learning, change and development processeswith a focus on stress reduction and burnout prevention.

Our supervision is offered to individuals and groups. The group size is limited to 10 participants.

We offer our supervision sessions face-to-face  and online.

A first supervision block lasts 10 hours (1h / supervision).