Our mission and
service offer

ODT Consulting - Mission and service offer - Mission und Leistungsangebot
Our mission is to provide  your company with preventive, interdisciplinary, holistic and sustainable programme to minimise the risk of stress-related illnesses such as burnout.

1. Prevention

Our burnout prevention programme helps you

      • Avoid the cost burden of stress-related illnesses
      • Maintain the health and performance of your employee
      • Increase and maintain employee productivity
      • Prevent further stress and loss of expertise due to staff turnover

2. Interdisciplinary approach

We consider burnout to be a multifactorial phenomenon that must be analysed in an interdisciplinary framework  within the company in order to develop targeted solutions and an integrated programme  to eliminate the problem.

Business factors that increase the risk of burnout in the company are, for example:

      • Rigid hierarchical organisational structures that allow little to no collaborative working
      • Disproportionately high workload in relation to the number of employees
      • Little to hardly any room to manoeuvre in decision-making and few development opportunities for employees
      • Lack of permeability of structures for innovation, optimisation and interdisciplinary work

Personal factors
Excessive financial and material demands that signal a predisposition to burnout are e.g:

      • Highly perfectionist and mechanical way of working
      • Excessive willingness to make sacrifices in work processes
      • High physical and emotional resilience
      • Low self-confidence

Socio-cultural factors that can lead to burnout are, for example:

      • Excessive financial and material demands
      • Lack of vision for future prospects
      • Lack of value orientation, lack of family and community spirit
      • Lack of social integration

Genetic factors that promote stress-related illnesses in the company are, for example:

      • Increased body mass index
      • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
      • Increased levels of cortisol, interleukin 6
      • Heart rate variability


3. Holistic approach

Our burnout prevention programme has an advisory effect at both the company and individual level. This enables us to efficiently and holistically secure and increase productivity in your organisation.

At company level, we implement measures in your organisation and working environment that reduce the risk of stress-related illnesses.

Our holistic approach encompasses management consulting, legal and medical advisory, coaching and personal development training.  The programme is  targeted to protect  individual employees against:

      • Loss of energy and states of exhaustion in everyday working life
      • Developing a mental distance to one’s own work
      • An emotionally charged working environment
      • The loss of personal productivity and innovative strength


4. Sustainability

We see our innovative burnout prevention programme as a key to limiting the risks of stress-related illnesses in the long term.

Our consulting aims to put in place long term measures that considerably strengthen employee satisfaction, health and performance; thereby making a significant contribution to ensuring the economic success of your company in increasingly challenging working environments.