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Burnout prevention

We are interdisciplinary experts in burnout prevention for your company. With us you will experience your job stress-free.

For Companies

We restructure your company in such a way that any risk of burnout is reduced.

For Leaders

We support your employees to make you crisis-proof, resilient and healthy for your company.

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We help to prevent burnout

Not only individuals suffer from chronic stress-related illnesses such as burnout, but companies are also burdened by this.

Companies are increasingly finding themselves in an “acceleration trap” – in other words, more and more projects, ever stricter and higher performance targets, innovation capacities and creative freedom are being reduced, new organizational structures and process designs are being introduced and the competitive pressure of artificial intelligence is noticeably increasing in individual areas of responsibility. Employers are increasingly tending to view life under time pressure as the norm. This is pushing companies and employees to the limits of their resilience and beyond.
This development brings with it the risk that employers and employees will increasingly fall victim to stress-related illnesses such as burnout…

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide your company with preventive, interdisciplinary, holistic and sustainable advice in order to minimize the risk of stress-related illnesses such as burnout.

· Prevention

· Interdisciplinary approach

· Holistic approach

· Sustainability

Our target group

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Our offer is aimed at:

  • Private and public companies
  • Independent and other self-employed professions

We offer counselling, supervision and personal development training for:

  • Management / board of directors
  • Employees in management positions
  • Employees

Professional structures
for quick success

We will provide you with professional support on the topic of burnout prevention in the following areas:

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Our cooperation partners

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